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Introducing Three New Contributors

Based on interest and the results of the front page writing contest, I have three new contributors I'm happy to say will be writing for AN on a weekly basis.

A hand, please
A hand, please
Richard Heathcote

First, thank you to all who submitted a FanPost for consideration. It was great to read so many different perspectives.

With that, I'm happy to introduce to you the three new contributors:

SamYam is a sci-fi/fantasy nerd, grammarian, and die-hard Sacramento Kings and Oakland A's fan who happens to be a medical student on the side. He was raised on "Holy Toledo!" and may or may not have pretended to be Chad Bradford in pickup wiffleball games. After being a lurker for almost 5 years, he is very excited to discuss WAR, grit, FIP-, and scrappiness with the Athletics Nation community. He most recently wrote two excellent fanposts on both Brett Anderson and Jarrod Parker.

son of ptbarnum is a former concert and theatrical producer (thus, the "ptbarnum" reference in his pseudonym). For many years, he conducted seminars for nonprofit organizations throughout North America on the subject of event fundraising. These days, he fends off disaster in the stock market on a daily basis. He will be writing about the sales, marketing and business management of the Oakland Athletics. In doing so, he hopes to continue a family tradition of fine sports writing established by his brother, Kevin Nelson, author of "The Golden Game," a history of baseball in California, and "Operation Bullpen," a recounting of the FBI sting of the greatest sports memorabilia scam in history." He was author of the Selig's War fanpost.

Finally, and not least, Nathaniel Stoltz is a long-distance A's fan residing in Winston-Salem, NC. He has written about baseball online in a variety of capacities since 2008, mostly focusing on scouting (Carolina League, South Atlantic League, and Appalachian League) and sabermetrics.

SamYam's debut piece is the current cover story and he will write on Wednesdays. son of ptbarnum and Nathaniel Stoltz will write on Thursdays and Fridays, respectively. Please join me in welcoming these fine gentlemen to our front page writing group!