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DLD 5-21-2013: Texas edition

The A's are deep in the heart of Texas on this road trip. So far, so good.

He is a wizard - he flies
He is a wizard - he flies
Rick Yeatts

Did I mention that the A's are playing the Astros starting on Friday? They could use some Houston-style cooking, hopefully after they polish off the Boomstick.



Speaking of food, there is a great feature on about minor league foods. If you haven't had a chance to catch an MiLB game, you should. Not only do you find some unique foods, but it's a great way to spend a lazy afternoon knocking down some beers and seeing some organization's young talent. Or a no-hitter against the Ports, if you're me and go to Lancaster to catch them on Mothers' Day.

Someone else is also fond of Texas food:

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>@<a href="">susanslusser</a> I'm not sure what will be the death of me in Texas - the heat, or those prepackaged press box cookies</p>&mdash; Jane Lee (@JaneMLB) <a href="">May 21, 2013</a></blockquote>

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As far as yesterday's game is concerned, the A's could have done more:

"You get frustrated during the game at some of the opportunities when you leave some guys on," manager Bob Melvin said, "but we continued to fight through the at-bats the whole game; it was good."

The A's collected 15 hits, six for extra bases, beginning with Seth Smith's solo homer in the second inning. In the fifth, Coco Crisp, Yoenis Céspedes and Brandon Moss doubled to highlight a four-run rally.

Colon, however, did all that he could while he is still in his 30s:

Asked about any drop-off this year following Colon's suspension, Melvin said, "We've been monitoring that pretty closely, watching the velocity. Everything seems to be similar. So, no, he looks the same to me."

There wasn't a thought to let Colon pitch the eighth inning even though he needed 95 pitches to get through seven.

"He's 40," Melvin said, "and we want to try to get him through the season. Anything over 100 for me is starting to get a little uncomfortable. And to give us seven and just short of 100 is just terrific."

Cue "He's a man" jokes here starting Sunday

Dump away!