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DLD 5/2/2013 – Off-day in New York

After almost 14 hours of baseball in 44 hours of time in the series against the Angels, the A’s enjoy an off-day in what my opinion is the best city on the planet. Resident baseball team excluded.

Seth Smith seems like a cool dude
Seth Smith seems like a cool dude

First, to recap yesterday's transactions, the A's placed both Brett Anderson and Coco Crisp on the DL. While not entirely unexpected, Anderson was saying he would be fine so it is a little odd. Then again, he always says that and he's clearly off and probably hurting, too. Not a bad idea to shut him down and let him get totally healthy and come back strong.

Dan Straily and Luke Montz were called up in their steads. I'll say this about depth: were it not for 4 capable CFs on the roster, Crisp's injury would hurt a lot more. As for Chris Young, Casey Pratt tweeted that he should be ready to go on Friday

For one more piece on Monday's 19-inning marathon, read Sports on Earth's Moss-centric article by Gwen Knapp:

"My son made me show it to him about 18 times," Moss says. "He didn't care about the home run."

Before Monday's game, he had promised Jayden that if the A's won, he could come into the clubhouse afterward. At 1:41 a.m., that idea loses all its allure.

"Who's your favorite player?" broadcaster Ray Fosse asks as the boy eats his spaghetti. "Brandon Moss," he replies loudly. Dad and his co-workers can't stop smiling. They're exhausted, and this is the perfect diversion.

Michael Choice hit a ball totally out of some terribly-named ballpark in Fresno. The best about this clip is the two people in the bleachers who admire it:

Michael Choice hit ball far

If you like podcasts and Keith Law, his last episode of Behind the Dish was has an epic exchange about guy vs. Guy in prospect talk. Briefly, AAA/AAAA players are guys, and someone like Cespedes is a *guy*. Law and his guest made it much more entertaining.

If you listen to podcasts, what are some of your favorite baseball ones?

David Wiers ranked AL outfielders by Windows operating systems at Rotographs. I personally dislike Windows 8, so I'm glad no A's made that list.

Finally, at NotGraphs, they found Casper Wells in Iowa or something. Given his traveling ways, I'd like to submit that Casper Wells, not Ryan Langerhans, should be the measuring stick by which we measure waiver wire pickups and their time with the A's.

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