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Game Thread 43: Oakland Athletics vs. Kansas City Royals

Your third-place Oakland Athletics (I know, swallow that pill, as Seattle overtook the A's with wins yesterday and Wednesday) take the field against the Royals, who have a better record than the A's, but have almost been equally awful in their last ten.

Christian Petersen

Aside from calling a do-over, I don't know what else to do with this season. Today brings news of doom, as Brett Anderson is sidelined for at least another month, and that's being generous. Also, the A's called up Hideki Okajima and to no one's surprise, DFA'd Chris Resop.

Let's take a moment here. No, we're not the Angels (that's very bad). No, we're not Houston (that's even worse). But we are not playing well by any measure; even by the "race to the cellar of the AL West" standards. I'm as frustrated as anyone. But no one, and I mean no one, gets to call out our team to be finished in May.

You really think he'd learn. But there is comfort in realizing that Ray Ratto thinks we are finished. This probably means we're in for a huge power surge and stellar pitching, because if there's one thing the A's love doing, it's showing up Ray Ratto.

It's still May. The A's have twenty wins, which is more than twelve other MLB teams, and with a little hard work, we could be right back in this. And now that Oakland's focus returns to the A's, let's see if we can't make this a summer to remember.

Fun tweet of the day:

Oh Royals. Don't make me love you when we really, really need to beat you.

So, let's see who we have on the docket today. The A's lineup will be facing (looks it up)....Royals ace James Shields (insert expletive here). Jarrod Parker will counter for the Athletics. Parker, who showed signs of life in his last start, has been pitching with a neck injury.

Here are your lineups:

Bottoms up, everyone! Happy Friday!