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Okajima selected from Sacramento; Resop DFAed

A mini bullpen shakeup has been announced for the A's

Oh look, a penny!
Oh look, a penny!

As usual, we hear about it first from Twitter:

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p><a href="">#Athletics</a> select Hideki Okajima from Sacramento; designate Chris Resop for assignment</p>&mdash; Oakland Athletics (@Athletics) <a href="">May 17, 2013</a></blockquote>
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Nothing against the Reverse Poser himself, who served his role admirably for a few weeks there, but he was allowing far too many baserunners to be even a serviceable reliever over the past month. With 34 baserunners over 18 innings, that just won't cut it. I assume he will catch on with another team.

Okajima last pitched in 2011 for the Red Sox, appearing in 7 games and pitching 8.1 innings. He's 37 now, and may not have much left in the tank (or his shoulder), but the A's are hoping he has a good season left in him. He pitched very well for the 2007-2009 Red Sox teams, making around 65 appearances a year and striking out about 8 batters per 9 innings. Last year, for Softbank (NPB), he had a 0.96 ERA in 56 games and 47.2 innings.

Also, the A's have already put out the lineup card for today, and it does not appear Chris Young is on it. Perhaps tomorrow?