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Game Thread #37: A's at Seattle

"Hide your babies, because I'm baaaaaack!"
"Hide your babies, because I'm baaaaaack!"

A road trip that started well with the A's taking 2 of 3 at Yankee Stadium, quickly turned sour with a 4-game sweep by the Cleveland Indians. Now the A's try to finish strong with a 3-game series in Seattle, concluding a 10-game trip on which Oakland is currently 2-5.

If the A's indeed start the trip strong, get swept in the middle, and then finish strong, it will mirror my theory about dinosaurs, which is that they are smaller at one end, much, much bigger in the middle, and then smaller again at the far end.

Dan Straily gets the ball tonight, mostly so that he can pitch it, up against Hisashi Iwakuma. Iwakuma not only shut the A's down in game 2 of the season, but he is off to an excellent start overall: 3-1 with a 1.61 ERA and only 26 hits allowed in 44.2 IP. Iwakuma has struck out 42 and walked 8.

The starting lineups? Hang on...I just need to run down the street to a neighbor's computer and then access them from New York. Give me 10 minutes and then I'll get them wrong anyway.


Major League Baseball and Angel Hernandez.