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DLD 4/8/13 - Montreal Athletics Edition

The Cubs are pushing through renovation plans for Wrigley Field, while Montreal pushes for plans for a new stadium and a new team.

Could they be back?
Could they be back?
Stephen Dunn

Woah, this is dusty... it's been a while since we had a DLD.

In A's Related News:

  • With yesterday's win over the Astros, the A's now have the best record in the American League, despite losing our first 2 games to the Mariners.
  • Speaking of yesterday's victory, Josh Reddick was taken out of the game after slamming wrist first into a the low right field wall chasing a foul ball. The reports are back, and Reddick has a strained wrist, and is day to day.
  • Also beat up yesterday, Brett Anderson, who was hit twice in the hand with comebackers, has come back clean with no problems to his bloody thumb.
  • In stadium news, the Cubs are pushing through as much as $500 million in renovations to Wrigley Field. $300 million will be for renovating the stadium, while the Ricketts family is likely to spend an additional $200 million improvements outside the park, including a hotel and office buildings surrounding the field.
  • Meanwhile, Montreal is pushing to build a new retractable roof stadium in the hopes of bringing MLB back to the city. While the A's have been rumored as one team for consideration, the targeted team is the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, assuming no stadium situation can be figured out there. This would be preferable, as it would not require any re-arranging of the divisions.
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