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Game #7: Reckless A's Sweep Astros, Lose Reddick

"Winnin' Stupid"? That might be the best motto for the A's 5th consecutive win, a 9-3 trouncing of the hapless Houston Astros.

In the 2nd inning, Brett Anderson unwisely used his bare hand to deflect a comebacker, but stayed in the game. So then in the 6th inning he did it again, this time deflecting the ball with his left wrist. Seriously, Brett? Anderson did strikeout 10 in 6 innings to match his career high.

Speaking of "instincts" Josh Reddick, with the A's leading 8-0 in the 5th, dove head first into foul territory after a pop fly, slammed into the retaining wall and left the game with his forearm cradled against his stomach. No news is immediately expected, so the A's will hold their collective breath hoping there is no fracture. Or maybe they'll hold their breath until they pass out, because they seem to operating at about that level of care for their health.

I know the concept of, "He goes all out no matter what the situation -- that's what makes him the player he is." And I don't buy it. The A's didn't need Reddick to give a Herculean effort for a foul fly ball in an 8-0 game vs. Houston (for those unfamiliar with the conversion rate, this is the equivalent of a 17-0 game against any other team). They need him to play RF on Tuesday, and on Wednesday, and ... And you wondered how Chris Young would get enough playing time...

Speaking of Young, let's get to the fun stuff. The A's made mincemeat out of starter Lucas Harrell, scoring 2 in the 2nd on a Seth Smith double, 2 more in the 3rd on a Jed Lowrie HR -- quite possibly the cheapest HR in the history of baseball, just clearing the LF foul pole that is all of 315 feet from the plate -- another in the 4th on Coco Crisp's third HR in as many days, and 3 more in the 5th on a Chris Young blast. Harrell threw 112 pitches in 4.1 IPs.

Despite losing fingers and wrists left and right, Anderson was extremely effective and would have blanked the Astros through 6 IP had it not been for Lowrie's throwing error with two outs and the bases loaded in the bottom of the 6th. That allowed two unearned runs to score, but even on that play the Astros' ineptitude reared its ugly head as Chris Carter inexplicably tried to go from 1st to 3rd and was thrown out by Brandon Moss. Houston's motto? "If God gives you lemon, make lemon-flavored cyanide!"

As for the A's, they take a league best 5-2 record to Anaheim with a day off tomorrow. Presumably, on the flight to Anaheim Anderson won't try to help the plane turn by grabbing the left wing, and with any luck Reddick won't dive head first into the mouth of the carousel trying to collect his luggage.