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A Call for Fan Photos

Photos can really capture fandom in its perfect form. Whether it’s a green afro, friends having a tailgate, or you on the road seeing the A’s, A’s fans go to great lengths to show just how much they love their chosen team.

But what about sharing them with the world, and the rest of Athletics Nation? Now is your chance. AN is accepting fan-submitted photos to be used in a front page gallery post. You'll be able to see your own, as well as other fans' photos. To give you an idea of how they will be presented, here is a gallery on True Blue LA, the SBN Dodgers blog

As you can see, the photos are presented with captions on the top when you mouse over the photo. You will receive proper attribution by your AN username or real name if we use your photos.

If you wish for your photos to be used, please email them to the mailbag You can email high-resolution photos themselves, or a link to an album or other online storage where high-resolution photos can be downloaded.

Finally, here are some of my photos from my trip to see the A's in New York on September 22nd of last year. It was the Russell Martin walk-off game, and yes, I did hear it from the Yankee-faithful after my obnoxious cheering when Moss tied the game in the 9th momentarily and on the trip back to midtown on the subway. That said, sitting up where I was, I didn't endure that much ribbing. Indeed, the family sitting to my right was from Berkeley and were taking in a game before they said goodbye to their daughter starting college.

Fine print: By submitting photos to us, you authorize SB Nation to use them on the website and/or in social media.