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DLD 4/29/13

A's won a game, Cespedes is back, and Straily fills in for Anderson


In case you missed it yesterday, turning the game off after the A's lost the lead a couple times, the A's came back and WON that game! Cespedes came back in the 9th with a two run home run to tie the game again (adding more proof to the "A's need Cespedes to win" camp) and the Orioles managed to throw two sac bunts away to allow Eric Sogard to run from 1st to 2nd, and from 2nd to home (with some reminding by Mike Gallego that he still had legs) to win the game and get his pie off.

"It tasted great," Sogard said.

For today, Dan Straily will be starting in place of Brett Anderson. My guess is that we'll see Jesse Chavez sent down, with Straily getting the 1 game call up and then a recall of Scribner. You can keep your eye on the trasaction log here.

In Other MLB News:
  • Fangraphs' Dave Cameron says that the Jays are in trouble.
  • The Angels made another blockbuster, trading Chris Snyder to the Orioles for Rob Delaney. Did I say blockbuster? I mean't meh buster. Maybe we will see him tonight?
I leave you with your moment of pie.