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Game Thread #24: Oakland Athletics vs. Baltimore Orioles

The A's, in the midst of a slide with very little offense and even less starting pitching, try to right the ship as they play the second game of the series.

Thearon W. Henderson

Well, it hasn't been a whole lot of fun watching A's games lately, and it will be an interesting night at the Coliseum, sharing the parking lot with the NBA playoffs. The A's are playing some bad, bad baseball, complete with bad, bad starting pitching, and in his last start, Tommy Milone was no exception.

If there's a bright side to this week, it's that the A's, thanks to their strong start, are still 13-10, and they still have a chance to turn it around starting with tonight's game. But they're going to need a strong start from Milone, and some real offense (Baltimore errors don't count).

Here's the A's lineup, complete with Casper in the 8-spot. Maybe he'll bring some ghostly magic.