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DLD 4/25/13 - Bye Bye Parrino, Hello Rosales

Andy Parrino has been optioned down to AAA Sacramento, with Adam Rosales activated from the DL.

Don't Ask.
Don't Ask.
Otto Greule Jr

Good News everyone! Adam Rosales is back! Or maybe the better news is that Boston Series Whipping Boy Andy Parrino has been sent down to the minors.

Grant Green, Jemile Weeks and Hiro Nakajima will wait some more.

Parrino hit .125/.192/.167 with a .170 wOBA in 26 PA, so we will see if Rosales can improve on his -0.2 WAR.

In Non A's News:

  • Derek Jeter and the Yankees are going to be holding a press conference, presumably on the amount of people who do not care.
  • Fangraphs has a short article on the "coolest gif of all time", which, even though I saw it on Reddit first, is pretty cool. Check it out. Darvishgif_medium
  • USA Today has an article wondering what the most awesome ballpark in the world would look like. I hope you're taking notes, Lew.
Dump Away.