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RosalYES? ParriNOOOO!! Adam Rosales Activated, Andy Parrino Optioned

Oakland's homestand starts with good news!

Oh, hi there everybody!
Oh, hi there everybody!
Ezra Shaw

Andy Parrino hit .368 in the Cactus League this spring, with an OPS of 1.047. Then the real baseball started, and he went 3-for-24 (.125) with a .359 OPS in his brief stint in the Majors. One of those hits was a 50-foot dinker which was so weak that the 3rd baseman couldn't get to it in time. He's mostly a good defender, but he's not flawless and he's probably not good enough in the field to justify his feeble bat. If you prefer the eye test, I thought that he looked over-matched in every at-bat of his that I saw. He's a decent enough backup to keep in AAA as the occasional fill-in, but many on Athletics Nation have been counting the days until injured utility man Adam Rosales sprinted back onto the scene.

My fellow Athletiholics, that day has arrived. Take it away, Susan:

Rosales had an excellent Spring Training as well, but I'm not going to tell you what his numbers were because Spring stats are stupid (his OPS was higher than Parrino's, though). Unfortunately, he suffered an intercostal strain (those the muscles in your ribcage) right before the season started and missed all of April. Rosales is out of options, so if the A's don't keep him on the 25-man roster then they will have to pass him through waivers first. There's a chance that he would clear them without being claimed, but I think that some team would take a flyer on him.

Rosales's role on the team should be exactly what Parrino's was before him, but a little more expansive. He will be the primary backup at 2nd, 3rd, and short, and he will probably start against some left-handed pitchers in place of Eric Sogard at 2nd. He is a better shortstop than Sogard or Parrino, so there's also a chance that he could start a game there occasionally if Melvin wants to rest Jed Lowrie. Lowrie is extremely injury-prone, so it wouldn't be a bad idea to rest him now and then; he could also DH occasionally to keep his bat in the lineup.

Furthermore, Rosales can fill in at 1st base, which opens up the possibility that Casper Wells could stick around rather than Nate Freiman when Yoenis Cespedes is activated from the DL on Sunday. That is just conjecture on my part, and it's possible that the team wants a longer look at Freiman, but at this point I'd rather go with the more proven commodity in Wells and just roll with Rosales as the backup for the durable Brandon Moss. Another outfielder will get hurt this year, and I don't think that we're going to find a better right-handed replacement than Wells (with Shane Peterson in AAA as a left-handed outfield option who can also play a mean 1st base).

So, welcome back, Rosey! I'm personally happy to have you back on the team. Now go draw a walk and sprint to 1st base, ya big goofball!

....and from the desk of Zonis:

In Non A's News:

- Derek Jeter and the Yankees are going to be holding a press conference, presumably on the amount of people who do not care.

- Fangraphs has a short article on the "coolest GIF of all time," which, even though I saw it on Reddit first, is pretty cool. Check it out.


- USA Today has an article wondering what the most awesome ballpark in the world would look like. I hope you're taking notes, Lew.

Two hours to game time. Dump Away.