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Game Thread #22: A's at Red Sox (1)

Brett Anderson tries for the series win, or at least tries to go a full hour without falling over.

Don't trip, bro.
Don't trip, bro.

If only Bartolo Colon could start 7 days a week.

It's not even May yet, and it's a little weird that I'm more excited for Colon's starts then Anderson's. The young lefty just hasn't seemed right so far this year, and he's still fighting harder against the forces of gravity than the forces of the opponents' lineups. Forget winning for a moment; I'm just hoping to see Anderson make it a full game without injuring some part of his body in a clutz-tastic way.


Jon Lester is off to a great start for Boston, with a 1.73 ERA and a 23 K's to 4 walks. He's supposed to be an ace, so this could be the start of a big year for the lefty. I shed a tear just seeing Jonny Gomes in Boston's lineup, because they don't deserve him. He's supposed to be a small-market diamond in the rough!

Shockingly, Casper Wells is not in the lineup against the lefty. I truly don't know why we acquired him now. I thought this was a no-brainer, but Freiman is in there as the DH and Seth Smith deservedly draws the start against the lefty (because he's flat-out hitting every type of pitcher right now). I really hope that Casper gets a start before Cespedes comes back from the DL.

Andy Parrino is in there, which I don't like because I've gone right off him. I'm ready for Adam Rosales to get back from the DL, and I'd rather see Sogard start every day at this point. Parrino looks like an over-matched college kid every time I see him play. Hopefully I'm just being too hard on him; honestly, I still haven't forgiven him for that crippling, game-changing error in the first game of the series. I know it was only one play, but it was huge. He needed to play awesome, error-free defense to have any value on this team, and he has not done that.

Something came up for me and I'll be gone until about 2:30, so please be patient for the first overflow thread. I'll be back after that to recap Oakland's win for you.

Buck Foston!