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Recap: A's and Colon Beat Rain, Boston to Secure Win

It was a race against the weather there for a while as the A's clobbered Boston and beat out the rain to notch their thirteenth victory of the year.

Jim Rogash

You know how people sometimes say, "Everything's coming up A's tonight?" Well, maybe they don't really say that, but that's what happened in a truly horrific weather night at Fenway park as the A's absolutely pounded the Red Sox, taking all of their frustration out on the ball. In one sense, that was good; who doesn't like to win and pile on, but in another, that was horrible! Bob Melvin, why are you arguing a call up 6-0 in the third in a game that never looked like it would go 5? And Seth Smith? You have no business hitting a two-run homerun to prolong the game, up 6-0 already when we just needed outs! And also? You were up 8-0 in the fifth, needing three outs! Was it necessary to score four more runs?!

Okay, so there may have been a bit of stress. After Boston absolutely fell apart in the third inning, allowing the A's to score the first six of their thirteen runs, it started raining sideways, and we were left to wonder if the A's, who so badly needed a good night, would see their success washed right away. But the baseball gods held off the rain long enough to play 7 innings, and the A's would grab the win; 13-0.

I'll be the first person to admit I didn't want Bartolo Colon on the team (obviously for non-baseball reasons), but I'm also the first to admit that he's been awesome so far this year. All he did tonight was pitch a complete game; seven amazing innings, in the worst of conditions, allowing but three hits and one walk (his first this year), and striking out seven. It was an incredible performance; for most of the game, he looked exactly like a pitching machine; pumping in strike after strike.

The A's really won the game in the third inning as Sogard led off the inning with a walk, Crisp singled, and Jaso walked to load the bases. After a hard-fought battle, Seth Smith also walked, collecting the A's first RBI. After Lowrie struck out looking, Brandon Moss singled in two to give the A's a 3-0 lead. Josh Donaldson made it 4-0 with a sac fly, and Reddick singled in the 5th run. An error on a ball hit by Chris Young would make it 6-0. It was a sloppy inning by the Red Sox, that featured not one, but two balks, but it was enough for the A's.

They would add two more in the fourth on the two-run homerun by Seth Smith, and the four in the fifth on a double by Coco and a single by Jaso. They would top it off in the sixth with an RBI single by Reddick to reach lucky number 13.

This was exactly what the A's needed today to get back on the winning streak. The A's are now 13-8, a game behind Texas, but more importantly, on a winning note. They will try to win the series against Boston tomorrow, starting at 1:00PM. Game thread will be brought to you by Alex.