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Game Thread #21: Oakland Athletics at Boston Red Sox

The A's have hit their first slide of the season, and it's been a team effort. Thanks to poor defense and even poorer starting pitching, the A's have now dropped 4 in a row; a streak no one wants to count.

Ezra Shaw

I remember, not too very long ago, when I couldn't wait to go home to an A's game. The games would begin while I was at work, and I would hurry home to see the next inning on television. A's games used to be fun. Then came Friday, followed by Monday. Each time, I left the A's in a perfectly good ballgame, and before I could get home, they had given up 6 runs in each game! And I work 3 miles away from my house!

Needless to say, there hasn't been a lot of fun in the last four A's games. In fact; they have been downright awful. With the exception of the sort-of-exciting eighth inning of last night's game, the A's haven't really shown up on this roadtrip at all.

That all changes tonight, as the A's best starting pitcher (I know, I know, but it's true!) Bartolo Colon, takes the mound, trying to right the ship. The A's will face Alfredo Aceves. No Ghost sightings yet, but Casper is supposed to have joined the team today.

Here are your lineups: