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Athletics Nation Writing Opportunity

Athletics Nation is looking for a weekly features writer. Apply within!

Hopefully it'll work out better than his contract has
Hopefully it'll work out better than his contract has

In an effort to bring more content to the site, we would like someone who can write high-quality material for the front page.

What will they do?

This person would not be involved in the game threading, but would be contributing a weekly piece on something A's-related. There are a lot of ways one could go with this: focusing on developments in the minor leagues, draft stuff, analytical (numbers), analytical (prose), PITCHf/x person, etc. Bonus points if you are interested in one of those things, actually, but more than anything, we want someone who will reliably produce interesting weekly content.

Is this a paid gig?

As you know, front page writings gigs are unpaid. You are doing this because you love the A's, and wish for your writing to hit a larger audience. Between social media and unique page views, AN has tens of thousands of people who see it every day. That's how many people will see what you write.

How will this work?

Interested writers: please indicate your interest by saying so in the comments below. I will compile a list of those interested and email them to set up a schedule of when the trial posts will run (probably Wednesdays and/or Thursdays, depending on how many interested parties there are.) Again, remember that if you are selected, we really want you to be able to go weekly. You'll write a FanPost that we will promote to one of the five front page tiles on the day you are scheduled for.

If you already write for another SB Nation site and like the A's enough to write about them weekly, let me know and we can work you in, too.

AN audience: you can vote for your preference using the rec system. Feel free to also provide feedback to the writer, just as you would any other front page piece.

If you have any further questions, feel free to email me or write them below. Happy writing!