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Game Thread #17: Oakland Athletics at Tampa Bay Rays

The red-hot A's take on a Tampa Bay team that has struggled out of the gate. The A's want to stomp on the Rays now, before they really start to play.


Good afternoon and Happy Friday to all! I'd like to welcome you to the best game thread of the week; the Friday-we're-going-home-and-drinking-and watching-the-A's thread, and it even starts a little early tonight! Since the A's are on the East Coast, we get an early start. is showing us some love today:

The A's start a six-game road stretch with a three-game set against Tampa Bay on Friday, and it is hard to blame them for feeling confident.

The team with the best record in the American League has won three in a row, 12 of its last 14 games and was 6-0 on the first road stretch this season.

Sorry. I just have to repeat "The team with the best record in the American League". Yep, still fun. And yes, I know it's just the Astros, which is why I'm excited to see how the A's fare against a not-Tigers opponent.

The Rays are struggling; starting the season just 5-10, so this is when the A's want to play--and beat--them. Brett Anderson will take the mound for the A's tonight. He will a) try to keep his fingers away from the ball and b) try not to suck; his track record at both things this season is not so good.

Meanwhile, the A's offense will see a return of Brandon Mossome to the lineup as they face off against Alex Cobb, who allowed one run to the A's in 16 innings last year. So that's fun.

So, it's Friday. And we need some baseball.

Here's your lineups: