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DLD 4/17/03 - New Winning Streak Edition

A's are on a 2 Game Winning Streak, as they seek to sweep the Astros again!


  • Baby Moss is off to a good start, bringing the baby mojo to lead the A's to a 4-3 victory over the Astros, though Josh Donaldson selfishly won us the game, robbing Eric Sogard of the chance for a walk off Cycle. Ah well.
  • Speaking of Sogard, he now has a .344 wOBA, though it comes with a .355 BABIP
  • More information from Fangraphs on the Wrigley Renovations, one of which is for more night games and more beer.
  • Jason Castro, the Astros Catcher and Bay Area native, has a great article on him at Fangraphs as well on the topic of framing pitches, and how "Butt Waggle" will now enter the Saber lexicon.
  • MLBTradeRumors has a posting up with a few notes on some infield prospects that are blocked, and may be dealt, including Anthony Rendon and Profar, which might be of some interest to the A's if Donaldson and Sogard and Co. are in needing of an upgrade.
  • A bit old, but ESPN's Power Rankings have us 2nd, just behind Atlanta.
  • Across MLB, teams all over started pimping for the Red Sox, playing Sweet Caroline in honor of the Bombings at Boston.
  • Dump Away