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Game Thread #13: A's vs. Tigers

"Did you get that? I said Marlboros!"
"Did you get that? I said Marlboros!"

The best cure for the Lose-to-Verlander blues is to win the next game and take the series. Oakland has that chance today behind Jarrod Parker, who is up against the far more mortal Anibal Sanchez. When not facing King Felix Hernandez or King-of-Kings Justin Verlander, the A's are a cool 9-1.

However, Oakland will need Parker to dial it up a notch as the A's righty comes in with a bleah 6.48 ERA that is the product of 14 hits, and 6 BBs, in just 8.1 IP. Today's lineups, pieced together sans Coco Crisp and Yoenis Cespedes, sees the red hot Seth Smith in the #3 spot: