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Game Thread #12: Oakland Athletics vs. Detroit Tigers

After a marathon game last night that saw the A's win their first (but not last) walkoff of the year, the team will try to regroup as they face Justin Verlander in search of their 10th win in a row.

Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

I'm just going to start with the bad news, and it's bad. Pull that bandaid off.

After hurting his hand "sliding" into second base last night, the A's have elected to place Cespedes on the DL to get him fully healthy. Best case scenario: He misses 15 days. His MRL showed no structural damage, and he just needs to heal.

Coco Crisp is day-to-day, and today is not that day. The A's have called up Michael Taylor, but I think it's safe to say that he won't be in the lineup today against A's-killer Justin Verlander.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team will try to continue the A's winning streak; as believe it or not; the A's are going for their 10th win in a row today. (Yes, out of 12 games.) One would think that Verlander has this one in the bag; facing a battered and depleted A's lineup.

But as they say; that's why we play the games, and the one thing the A's have going for them today is Brett Anderson, who will attempt to pitch a shutout as long as it takes to get into the Tigers' pen. For the good of the team, since we are rapidly running out of players, Anderson needs to keep his bare paws away from the ball today. Let your fielders do the work; you just pitch, sir.

Here are your lineups for what would be the A's 10th win on the season, and 10th in a row: