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DLD 4/11/13 - Injury Update Divison

Good thing we have all that depth, eh?

Maybe things will be different next year...
Maybe things will be different next year...
Scott Boehm

It has been a rough week for the A's and our rivals. Here's a quick update on the latest:

  • Scott Sizemore's knee tweak? That was his ACL tearing. The same one as last spring training. This is disaster for Sizemore, who will have to undergo yet another year of surgery and rehab. On the plus side, he already has a year of experience in dealing with it, right?
  • Josh Reddick is still hanging in their with his wrist sprain, though he will likely be back in the lineup next series. When that happens, the question will be what the A's do with 2nd Base. After Reddick is back (and the added outfield flexibility of Parino is no longer required), the A's will re-evaluate the 2B situation, likely calling up either Weeks or Green to play 2B.
  • No news on Brett Anderson's thumb is good news, although he was almost hit yet again last night by a foul ball.
  • On our rivals sides, Jered Weaver still looks to miss 4-6 weeks with an fractured elbow.
  • Erick Aybar is also headed for the DL with a "Left Heel Contusion", or in laymen words, a bruised foot.
  • On the Rangers' front, Darvish is nursing a blister, and Harrison is going to the DL with a sore lower back.
Feel free to dump away, provided you don't hurt yourself with the effort taking a dump.