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Game Thread #9: Oakland Athletics at Los Angeles Angels

Welcome to another exciting game of A's baseball! I'll be your host for tonight's game, where believe it or not; the A's are going for win number 7 in a row!


Before we start the excitement of tonight's game, we need to take a moment for the Sizemores, and mourn what is really a crushing loss for his career:

And this:

As far as the A's are concerned, someone else will need to be called up permanently. Is Sogard the solution? The A's have won six in a row, going for seven tonight. I think we're just going to have to see how the season goes for a while. Devastating news for the Sizemores, though. It must feel like a nightmare, and for that; I'm truly sorry.

But the show must go on, and the A's take on the Angels tonight, hoping for a better start from their pitching. Tommy Milone will take the mound in an effort to keep the Angels off the board, while the A's will try to homer off Joe Blanton to lead them to their seventh straight victory; a lofty winning streak in just nine games.

Sogard will pick up second base again tonight, while Chris Young will try to redeem himself back out in right as Reddick continues to heal, and John Jaso, hero of last night's game, will catch Milone. Let's win the series!

Here are your lineups: