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Sizemore: ACL Re-Torn, Will Require Another Surgery

Scott Boehm

Just the worst possible news for Scott Sizemore, who was poised to take the every day 3B job a year ago, then spent a full year recovering from a torn ACL, and subsequent surgery and rehab, in his knee. Susan Slusser tweets that Sizemore tore the same ACL last night, and is out for the year -- he will need another surgery if he is to try to come back.

This is a blow to the A's at their weakest position, but a bigger blow to the Sizemore family with Scott's career now very much in flux. Best wishes to Scott and Brooke, and their new baby girl Layla as Scott faces another year of trading BBs and HRs for scalpels and physical therapy.

Going forward, the A's will presumably look to Andy Parrino, Jemile Weeks, Grant Green, Adam Rosales, and perhaps Hiroyuki Nakajima, as possible complements at 2B to Eric Sogard -- unless Oakland makes a trade at some point.