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Andy Parrino Will Be Called Up and Other News

Following the first two games of the season, which are now a distant memory, the A's have won six straight and are now dating miss .750; the homecoming queen's younger sister. Unfortunately, she's also dating the Texas Rangers, but we hope to win her heart as the A's play the Angels tonight again. The only team better than the A's and Rangers is the Atlanta Braves at 7-1, so it's a good start to the season.

Jeff Gross

Welcome to the second week of the 2013 season! It's an odd position to be in; usually at this time, we're consoling each other on AN with platitudes like, "They can't really be this bad all season", "Don't worry, those balls will drop in May", or "Everyone can't be in a slump at the same time forever". Historically, the Oakland Athletics do not shoot right out of the gate into first place; as you probably remember all too well last season, the A's didn't actually claim first place until game 162 (unless you count the tie after Game 2, and I don't).

However, this is a different season. Helped by the Houston Astros (who destroyed the Mariners last night, probably equaling their run total on the season in the single game), the A's are winners of six straight, going for lucky number seven tonight. The way I figure it; if you have two powerhouse teams in your division, and let's face it: true or not, the Angels and the Rangers were both picked by just about everyone to finish ahead of the A's, you have to bury one early. It worked last year; it can work again this year, and it looks like the Angels are the likely candidate. The A's simply have to play better baseball than they did last night, as they will try for the series win in tonight's game.

After yesterday's injury to Scott Sizemore, he has left the team to have an MRI, and A's sources have now revealed that Andy Parrino will be joining the team.

How do you feel about Parrino winning the first chance at the big club over Grant Green and Jemile Weeks?

For a feel-good story (this is sarcasm; don't be fooled by the awesome introduction) about the A's, be sure to stop here.

The A's have nothing going for them. Nothing, that is, except a history of resilience. They are a charter member of the AL, established in 1901, still alive after stints in Philadelphia and Kansas City, direct descendents of the original roots of the game. Historically and today, from Foxx and Grove, to Reggie and Catfish, to Giambi and Zito, A's talent eventually migrates to the big-money teams. Still, in the Junior Circuit, only the Yankees have more than Oakland's 15 pennants and nine World Series titles. The Rangers and Angels each reportedly scored $3 billion TV deals recently, but it was the A's who won the division last season.

Stay tuned to AN tonight at 7:05 PM for our second Wednesday game thread (a week since the streak started!); Tommy Milone vs. our former Joe Blanton.