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Spring Training Game 13: A's vs. M's

Another day, another game with the Mariners. Yawn. At least we already faced Jason Vargas.

Japanese grit
Japanese grit

After an off day, the A's become whole again at Phoenix Muni this afternoon. Too bad there aren't any more games against WBC squads; that'd have been interesting.

Let's see if any of these names can be thought of as a food item. Hint: probably not.

Jason Bay Shrimp salad (or Jason Old Bay Seasoning)

Vinnie Cacciatore

Okay, that's all I got. Hurry up, Opening Day!

Also, there will be a FanPost Recap Contest today! Contestants are "whaxed," "Danwise134," and "Drone." Come on down! You're the next guest recap writers on Athletics Nation...(loud blazer in memory of Rod Roddy optional, but encouraged)

When you've read all three, vote for your favorite by giving it a "Rec," and the recap with the most Rec's will be placed on the front page later tonight!