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Spring Training Game 11 & 12: A's vs. Royals, Italy

Oakland splits their squad today. One half will take on the Kansas City Royals. The other half will take on the entire nation of Italy. Prepare yourself for lots of pasta jokes.

I once ate a plate of pasta THIS TALL.
I once ate a plate of pasta THIS TALL.
Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

It’s Split Squad Extravaganza! Two games for the price of one (it’s still $0). And, on the upside, if the A’s beat Team Italy then I’m pretty sure that Italy’s manager has to grant Bob Melvin any one request, or something similar. I don’t know, I saw it on an episode of Family Guy.

Before we get to lineups, here is the important A’s news for the day.

- Here is a link to Cuppingmaster making a funny on Twitter and getting props from SuSlu.

- The A’s have officially signed a 20-year deal with the city of Mesa. Starting in 2015, Oakland will be playing their Cactus League games in HoHoKam Stadium.

- Josh Reddick is keeping his beard all season. Now I kind of hope that Daric Barton makes the roster, because if you’re going to have a beard Reddick’s on the team then it should at least have a friend.

And now, the lineups!

Oakland, vs KC

Grant Green – 2B
Daric Barton – 1B
Chris Young – CF
Josh Donaldson – 3B
Hiro Nakajima – SS
Michael Choice – RF
John Jaso – C
Shane Peterson – LF
Miles Head – DH

Bartolo Colon (starting)
Travis Blackley
Garrett Olson
Evan Scribner
Mike Ekstrom
James Simmons
Carlos Fisher
…Duran? Like the band? Oakland’s Stadium Services Manager is named Randy Duran; maybe it’s him?

Kansas City

Lots of bad players, probably. And Bruce Chen is starting.

Oakland, vs Italy

Coco Crisp – CF
Jed Lowrie – SS
Josh Reddick – DH
Yoenis Cespedes – LF
Brandon Moss – 1B
Seth Smith – RF
Derek Norris – C
Eric Sogard – 3B
Adam Rosales – 2B

Brett Anderson (starting)
Carlos Hernandez
Kyler Newby
Arnold Leon
Fernando Rodriguez
Brian Gordon
Blake Hassebrock


(Note: I haven’t found Italy’s lineup yet, so this is an artist’s conception)

Nick Punto – SS
Mario Mario – 2B
Chris Denorfia – CF
Giuseppe Spaghetti – 1B
Tony Soprano – DH
Piazza San Marco – LF
Luigi Mario – 3B
Salvatore Fettucini – C
Sceriffo Emporio Mancato – RF
Angelo “Spicy Meatball” Ferrari – SP

Go A’s! Trojanbrand is running unopposed in today's FanPost Recap Contest, so he automatically wins! Check for his recap after the game (it'll be on the front page).