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Alex Hall's Center for A's Fans Who Can't Read Good and Wanna Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too

Alex joins Phil Naessens to talk about Oakland's Opening Night middle infield, and the team's upcoming series against Seattle. Why read when you can listen?

That Eric Sogard is so hot right now.
That Eric Sogard is so hot right now.
Christian Petersen

At Alex Hall's Center for A's Fans Who Can't Read Good and Wanna Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too, we teach you that there is more to baseball than just being a high draft pick or a top prospect, or being physically gifted or really big or muscular or even having 20/20 vision. Sometimes, just some hard work, perseverance, good plate discipline, and solid defense are enough to get you a well-deserved job. That, and the ability to make delicious cookies.

On this week's Phil Naessens Show, we talk about the results of Oakland's middle infield battle, as well as the upcoming series against Seattle. My segment starts at 17:35 and goes for about 11 minutes.


What is that, a link for ants?!?! How can the fans listen to the show if they can't even click on the link? It's going to have to be at least 10% bigger than that.


There, that's better. That link will take you to Phil's website, but this one will take you directly to a player which will automatically start playing.

Spoiler: We talk a bit about Eric Sogard. That Sogard is so hot right now that he could step up to the plate with a rolling pin and still line a clean single to right. Also, I heard that he can turn left, which is convenient because he has to do that 3 times in order to score a run. I just hope that Sogard will do something at the plate this year which prompts Ray Fosse to echo the immortal words of Billy Zane: "It's a walk-off!"

So, to Eric Sogard, I'm sorry that I ever doubted your ability to make the Opening Day roster. I've always appreciated you as a player, but I just thought that there were too many guys ahead of you on the depth chart. I was wrong, and you're almost certainly starting against Felix on Opening Night for the 2nd straight year. I will be cheering wildly for you for the rest of your stint in Oakland, whether that be 2 weeks or the entire season.

I'm sorry I was wack, Keebs. For serious.