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Game Thread: A's vs. Brew Crew

The Brewers visit Phoenix Muni to take on the A's in a battle of Rollie Fingers' former teams. Game time is 1PM, and only available via free audio webcast.

Lustrous doesn't even begin to describe the stache
Lustrous doesn't even begin to describe the stache

This matchup used to happen pretty often, and then Bud Selig threw a hissy fit and made a wholly unnecessary move sending the history-less Brewers to the NL. In 45 seasons they have never won a World Series and have only made the playoffs four times.

The Brewers made a news splash today by signing Kyle Lohse to a 3 year, $33 million deal. I'm not sure what the plan there is but if the plan includes doling out $33MM to Lohse, I want no part of it. Since they still have an in-his-prime Ryan Braun I suppose they are trying anything to take advantage of this window. Be happy that the A's aren't in this weird middle ground where they can spend enough to dole out dumb contracts but not enough to re-sign stars like C.C. Sabathia and Prince Fielder.

John Shea had an interesting write-up in the SF Chronicle, among which we learned:

  • Jemile Weeks was a "tough cut"
  • Weeks for his part said that "Sogard is hitting his butt off, and everyone else is tied for second"
  • Melvin hinted that the nightmare scenario of the Rosales/Sogard platoon may be happening to start the season. And this is better than Mark
  • Current plan is to not cut anyone until at least the Bay Bridge Series next weekend. Which means 11 cuts will happen at about the same time.
  • Nakajima is open to playing second base and noted that "all Oakland players play a variety of positions." At least he catches on quickly.
Anyway, here are the lineups - happy threading! Bartolo Colon takes the mound for the A's, looking to keep pounding the zone.