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The Phil Naessens Show Podcast - Because Reading Is Bad For Your Eyes

Save your eyes. Your ears can handle it.


Did you know that reading is bad for your eyes? Well, it probably is. I'm not a doctor, and I actually don't even know if that's true or just an old wive's tale. Let's move forward under the assumption that reading is bad for your eyes.

You know what's totally not bad for your ears? Listening to an A's podcast at a reasonable volume. Guaranteed to not damage your ears. Probably. It's like a 90% guarantee. I don't know, your ears might be really fragile. Everyone is a unique and special snowflake, after all.

Link to last Friday's Phil Naessens Show

My segment starts at 19:00 and goes for about 11 minutes. We talk about Oakland's five outfielders and what to expect from each of them this year. Click here to visit Phil's website and listen to his other podcasts!