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Open Game Thread 2/22/2013 - A's vs. White Sox

In the waning days of March, all fans, players, coaches and baseball personnel are all saying, "Let's just get this season started already!" The A's take on the White Sox today at 7:00PM.

Otto Greule Jr

Happy Friday, and welcome to another exciting day of Oakland A's baseball! Oh, I know. We all want the season to start. It will, soon enough. Eleven days, actually. Right now, we still have some decisions to make. Who will be playing middle infield for the A's in a week?

[M]anager Bob Melvin admits he is facing some difficult decisions.
"It could go down to the last three games against the Giants," Melvin said. "There's quite a pack in the infield at this point, and a lot of them are playing really well. We have to decide whether or not Spring Training means something for certain guys and not for others and what the best mix of guys to start with [is]."

Jarrod Parker will be starting the game for the A's today against the White Sox, facing off against Jose Quintana.

Let me assure you that the team is getting the last look at the players on the bubble. How important IS Spring Training to the decision? And if anyone should have played himself into a roster spot, isn't it Sogard?