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DLD 3/21/2013 and Early Game Thread – A’s vs. Reds

It’s a matchup of supposed #1 starters today, as Brett Anderson takes the mound in Arizona vs. Johnny Cueto in Goodyear.

Two base-stealers talk shop.
Two base-stealers talk shop.

If Spring Training is in any way analogous to the regular season, then these are the dog days of August right now. Lineups here:

As far as links go, there has been some personnel news in A's-land lately:

First, to complete the John Jaso trade, the A's sent Ian Krol to the Nationals. Depending on what you think of Krol, the A's either gave up a future #3 LHP starter, or they gave up a future bullpen guy. In either case, giving up Cole + Trienen + Krol strikes me as a lot for even three years of John Jaso. I understand the time value of wins, and how the A's do have a competitive window right now, but dang. Talk about buying high.

Next - to offset his loss, maybe - the A's sent once-promising 3B prospect Stephen Parker to Milwaukee for RHP Darren Byrd. The short of it is that he's an AA reliever with some control issues who can strike out some guys, too. Byrd does not appear to be the word, but he does appear to be a warm body.

In other news...

Cespedes is taking it easy, although not by choice

Pat Neshek is still getting over the heartbreak of losing his son.

Coco Crisp can steal bases and he's really good at it. Baseball Prospectus says so. He also has a lot of fun doing it. If you missed Jonah Keri's terrific interview with him for Grantland on the art of base-stealing, find it here. If you already read it, it's worth a second read. Makes you wonder if the A's are to baserunning value what the Rays are to catcher framing runs saved.