De ja vu getting really old; very de-pressing

De ja vu is something that occurs when you experience something similar you've already experienced before. For the A's it seems like they're cursed with it. What I'm referring to, is the A's facing the Seattle Mariners I believe for either the third or fourth time in a row to begin a season. I know for a fact that there is someone in the A's personel who creates the upcoming schedule for the next season, but seriously come on. Logically with the Houston Astros coming to the AL West this year, and with their projected struggles they're going to have this year wouldn't it be common sense to face them first to begin the season? You know, to give the A's some confidence to start the season on a high note? Again the green and gold is set to face the King, Felix Hernandez. When I heard that he had a problem with his elbow, during spring training I thought he would miss his opening night start, and we would have a chance to win our first Opening Night, since 2004. Nonetheless, it was a false alarm, and our nightmare will be fulfilled, unless the King earns a loss, or a no-decision. Note to I believe Vuch who is in charge of making the year's schedule. Next, year let's face the 'stros, hopefully they won't be that good in 2014, as well. As for Texas you are so spoiled, right now.