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Open Thread: Spring Training - A's vs. Cubs

Mike Hewitt

First and foremost: Happy St. Patty's Day, where the A's never get pinched because they're smart enough to wear green. Imbibe lots of alcohol today, especially if you're genetically predisposed towards alcoholism -- what a tradition! Oh, and make sure to kiss Darwin Blarney, especially if he's stoned.

If you, or ideally your television set, can get WGN then you can see today's game via the Cubs' broadcast. Tommy Milone, he of the sexy changeup and equally sexy "everything else," takes the mound by storm as the A's try to win, or at the very least "win or lose". Seriously, a 13-13 tie yesterday? Trophies and ice cream for everyone!!!

Right off the bat (literally), the A's will face a former teammate, one who walks on De water. The Cubs' top 4 is fine and then you have Brent Lillibridge batting 5th, followed by a bunch of troubled water. Even in spring training, you get a sense of why the Cubs have a chance to lose 100.

Then again, Eric Sogard: Leadoff hitter! Of course, Oakland's favorite accountant and elf is batting .423 this spring. Shane Peterson, battling to rise on the depth chart, brings his .462 BA (18/39) to the #2 spot, while Hiroyuki Nakajima gets the call at SS. The lineups: