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World Baseball Classic: Team USA vs. Puerto Rico For All the Marbles

Welcome to the rematch of USA vs. Puerto Rico, but this time it counts! Loser goes home (or back to Spring Training), and winner advances as the last team in the semi-finals.


Unlike the A's game, which ended in a kissing-your-sister tie score, this one will not. Only one spot left in the semi-finals, and one of these teams will take it. Today's game features Ryan Vogelsong against Nelson Figueroa.


This may be one of his biggest games. In the first two Classics, Puerto Rico didn't make it past the second round. In 2006, the P.R. lost the deciding game to Cuba, which moved on to San Diego, and the U.S. was stopped in the second round by Mexico. And even when the U.S. did beat P.R. in 2009, it lost a semifinal game to Japan at Dodger Stadium.

Here are your lineups:

Puerto Rico:

Pagan, CF
Feliciano, J, LF
Beltran, DH
Molina, Y, C
Aviles, SS
Rios, RF
Rivera, C, 1B
Gonzalez, A,
Falu, 2B

United States:

Rollins, SS
Phillips, B, 2B
Braun, LF
Mauer, C
Stanton, RF
Zobrist, 3B
Hosmer, 1B
Jones, Ad, CF
Victorino, DH