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Fangraphs compares AL West farm system rankings

Mark Smith (@Gandhi_and_pie) decided to rank the AL West farm systems.


Athletics Nation reached out to him to make sure our Community Prospect List was included, to add "a local flavor to the mix", as he said. To summarize, Addison Russell is at the top, and everyone else is ranked lower than him. The A's have the highest system risk, but then again, LAA and TEX aren't very far behind.

This isn't surprising, as Russell is by far the most polished, if not also the toolsiest player in the A's system right now. What's more, the A's have graduated the likes of Norris, gotten rid of Chris Carter, Brad Peacock, and Max Stassi (the latter two of whom are still on the list matrix), and have Michael Taylor poised to play another year at AAA.

What do you think of the list? What do you think of other teams' lists? Obviously, the Rangers have the strongest system overall, but HOU and SEA aren't far behind. 2015 and beyond promises to be very interesting in this division.