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A's lose 10-0 to Padres. We're All Gonna Die!

As usual, Travis Buck and Tyson Ross contribute to an A's loss (credit: Alex Hall)

Remember me?
Remember me?

Going into this game, the A's Nation was collectively mildly excited at the first opportunity to watch the A's on TV in 2013. Whatever slight excitement quickly faded like an audio signal. The Padres came out swinging, tagging Jarrod Parker for five runs in four innings (two of them by way of solo home runs, one of which by Travis Buck). Blackley was unable to stop the onslaught, getting hammered for another four runs over the next two innings, including a mammoth Yonder Alonso bomb.

Fernando Rodriguez relieved Blackley. He promptly walked the only batter he faced and left clutching his elbow in pain. He didn't have much of a chance to crack the opening day roster, but Rodriguez figures to be in the A's plans as the season wears on.

Hopefully that's not too serious.

If it's any consolation, Parker was clearly not trying to pitch for strikeouts. His mission today was simply to pound the zone with his fastball. He did pretty well in that regard - 56 pitches, 40 strikes. Nevertheless, A's fans are to be forgiven if they are a little unsettled after watching Travis Buck go deep. It's an unfamiliar sight.

Oh yeah, Tyson Ross pitched the first three innings and left unscathed. Save it for the Giants in the regular season!

It's been reported that Adam Rosales is the front runner for that 25th roster spot. However, Andy Parrino is coming on strong. He had a laser relay throw from Reddick (flashing the Gold Glove) to nail Everth Cabrera trying to leg out a triple. Although Parrino didn't collect a hit today, his average is at a not-too-shabby .318 for the spring.

Most of the fanbase was closely watching Hiro Nakajima to try to pin down the varying reports we've heard (everything from a plus hitter to garbage slasher, and plus range and average arm to "never ever play at SS"). His performance was disappointing; awkward at the plate and in the field. Now would be a good time to remind ourselves that he is adjusting to a new game, team, language, and country, and it's still early.

Hey, Seth Smith is hitting .500 for the spring! He credits an easier approach. Or something like that. If you can get through the jumbled cliches of quotes here, more power to you.

If anyone actually bothered to read this recap of a mind-blowingly dull game, on a dull Monday afternoon...I'd like to hear your personal comments on your first glimpse of Nakajima.

Also, fun activity: Create a lineup solely from former A's that are now on NL West teams; seems like there's about 40 of them between the Diamondbacks and Padres alone.