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fAN Cave: The A’s Finalists

In a change of pace, rather than writing something about the A’s players, I wanted to profile two A’s fans, who just happen to be finalists for the Fan Cave Top 30.

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If you don't know what the Fan Cave is, read more about it here

Each prospective finalist was to submit a video stating why they should be in the Fan Cave, and the winners will be chosen after the online vote, ending on 2/13. The A's finalists are Vanessa Demske and Cindy Maciel, A's fans from San Francisco and Modesto, respectively. I asked them a series of questions about their A's fandom, and have reposted their responses here. With any luck, we can make sure that whoever wins stays in the Fan Cave and further show the country just how creative, passionate, and awesome A's fans are.

Who is your favorite current A's player?

Vanessa Demske: When I heard the news that we had dished out for Yoenis Cespedes, I was guardedly optimistic. I replayed his YouTube video over and over to try and predict if it could translate to the bigs. After a frustrating first few weeks for Yo and the team, he improved exponentially. Just look at the records with and without him in the lineup. The Angels can have Trout - it's Cespedes for the rest of us!

Cindy Maciel: My current favorite A's player would be Cespedes. He's come a long way and impressed us last season as a rookie. I'm excited to see him play again. He's Latino and I think it's cute he doesn't speak English.

Who is your favorite past A's player?

VD: Watching Barry Zito during his rookie season was the first time I really tuned in to the physics of pitching and mechanics. His curveball is inspiring, and his quirky habits and "whatever, dude" interviews had me smitten after a few starts. Bobby Kielty's hair and Byrnsie's grit earn them honorable mentions.

CM: Ray Fosse. I love that he's still around as one of the commentators watching over us at the Coliseum like a wise ancestor.

What is your best A's-related memory?

VD: In not too ancient history, I went to ALDS Games 3-5 at the Coliseum (the latter of which I attended alone and surrounded by Detroit loyalists!) The outcome wasn't what any of us hoped for, but leaving Game 5 with bits of yellow rally towel stuck to my hair and dancing in the concourse until security told us we had to get out was something I will never forget.

CM: Hard to say, but all my A's memories are great. One of the reasons why I love baseball is because it brings my family closer together. But now thinking about it I loved the 4 game series sweep against the Yankees last season that ended with a walk-off! I was there for the second and fourth games.

Do you have an NL team? If so, what team is it?

VD: I am in the minority of fans who can watch baseball objectively. The Bay Area is my home, and the A's front office philosophies, colorful history and cast of characters are permanent fixtures in my heart. But I watch games from both leagues all season long, and love the opportunity to travel to stadiums nationwide.

CM: I don't have a favorite NL team, but I do support the Giants. They're from the Bay Area as well. I'm excited to see the Nats, too, this coming season and see how far they advance again.

Where do you sit when you attend A's games?

VD: I've sat on the first and third base sides, way up high, field level, and in the right field bleachers during this past postseason (by far, my favorite.) I attend almost every game I go to with a friend who uses a wheelchair, and the wide choice of accessible seating lets us explore different parts of the Coliseum.

CM: It depends. When I'm with friends and family I sit in the bleachers. When I'm on a date or by myself I sit as close as possible. This season, one of my goals is to sit Diamond Level. Crossing my fingers.

What is your favorite Coliseum concession item (past or present)?

VD: Cotton candy. I am forever five years old.

CM: I love the chicken nachos and hot dogs

Why should Athletics Nation vote for you to be in the Fan Cave?

VD: I'm young and raw. But is it not the philosophy of Billy Beane and the A's to take chances? If we hadn't signed an unproven hotshot out of Cuba, if we hadn't supported the development of an all-rookie rotation, if we hadn't told an underperforming infielder that he might just make for a fire-throwing bullpen weapon - we wouldn't be celebrating last season and looking optimistically towards 2013.

CM: It's all about the fans. I love sharing their energy and stories. Whether it's the love of watching the game or the love of wanting to play the game one day in the majors. It's the fans that inspire and energize the players and support them throughout the season for the love of baseball.

One-line closing statement:

VD: I'm ready for the show!

CM: Never give up

Again, please vote for them and help show everyone the A's have a truly great fanbase. You can vote (any number of times, for both of them) using the links below: