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From MLB Reports: 2013 Season "Doubleheaders", Two Parks in One Day

So I've always wanted to try this, and I thought this was a fun article about all of the ways you could hit two parks in one day.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Well, I think this is the season to recreate a certain Philadelphia trip that some of us took two years ago, but this time, instead of Philly, it will be Pittsburgh. Let me know if anyone is interested in coming with!

So I thought this article was awesome.

Over the course of 4 years of massive baseball travel, I have attempted 28 MLB Doubleheaders – and completed 22 of them. I Every year I take a look at the new MLB schedule and the 183 days worth of games. In the list (after the youtube clip I post), will feature every doable double-header scenario for a fan to view baseball games. Keep in mind that if you have never seen a MLB Park before – that rushing a day is not advised at all in these journeys. The most common doubleheader is Wrigley Field or US Cellular Field – to be combined with Miller Park as part of a day-night doubleheader. The Yankees and Mets do play a few games on the same day together and are listed. The o.Co Coliseum in Oakland and AT & T Park also have a few doubleheader chances this season.

The closest I've ever come to this was a Giants/Dodgers night game at Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles, a quick five-hour road trip the next morning, and a 1:05 start at the Oakland Coliseum, A's vs. Angels. Not quite a double-header, but it was two games in two days, at two different parks. I almost pulled it off for a football game; we watched the Packers at home and drove to Chicago, where the Bears were playing the Sunday night game. We were there by the first quarter, but elected to watch the game on TV instead.

On July 27th and August 7th, you can see both the A's and the Giants (A's at home during the day; Giants home at night). There are also quite a few Anaheim/Los Angeles to San Diego trips as well.

Has anyone ever done it with any sport?