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Spring Training Game 6 Recap: A's Fall to Cubs, 5-3

A's fall to 2-4 in Cactus League play. The only reasonable conclusion is clear: Doom.

Rich Pilling

I suppose we can do a positives and negatives list. Yeah, that might work.


  • Brett Anderson, recently named as the Opening Day starter, had the following line: 2 IP/1 H/1 K/0 BB/7 BF. Most importantly, he was not injured in any way
  • As a group, A's starters managed 12 K's today
  • Derek Norris hit a home run
  • Michael Choice continued his torrid Spring, collecting two more hits to keep his average at .500


  • Errors. Nakajima and Sizemore had a lack of communication (based on a tweet by Casey Pratt) that led to two runs.
  • Losing to the Cubs
  • Coco Crisp left the game after one PA due to neck soreness, and Chris Young remained out of the lineup after a quad cramp in the first game

At first, I was excited for Spring Training. Then I realized today there is a month more of this, and I just want the season to start. As a testament to this, I'm watching the Mets and Nats on MLB Network right now. Landon Powell and Brandon Hicks batted back-to-back a few minutes ago.