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Open Thread: Spring Training Game 6 vs Cubs

Oakland faces the Chicago Cubs in their 6th Cactus League game of 2013. Brett Anderson is starting!

Jason Miller

Oakland faces the Cubs, with Opening Day starter Brett Anderson making his first appearance of the spring.



Coco Crisp - CF
Scott Sizemore - 2B
Josh Reddick - RF
Brandon Moss - 1B
Josh Donaldson - 3B
Hiro Nakajima - SS
Derek Norris - C
Michael Choice - LF
Miles Head - DH


Dave Sappelt - CF
Darwin Barney - 2B
Scott Hairston - DH
Darnell McDonald - LF
Jorge Soler - RF
Dioner Navarro - C
Javier Baez - SS
Brent Lillibridge - 1B
Junior Lake - 3B
Scott Feldman - P

That's international prospect Jorge Soler in right field, and...Darnell McDonald hitting cleanup? Jeez, get it together Cubs. That's not even OK in Spring Training.

Today's "Question of the Day" - Does a Junior Lake aspire to grow up to be an ocean one day?

Bonus "Question of the Day" - Do outfielders tend to play Lake any deeper than they would play Jason Bay?

Oakland's pitching for the day:

Brett Anderson (35 pitches)
Bartolo Colon (35 pitches)
Evan Scribner
Hideki Okajima
Brian Gordon
Pedro Firgueroa
Jordan Norberto

It has just come to my attention that the reason that Brian Gordon sucks at pitching is because he was an outfielder until 2007. He's trying to pull a Doolittle. And, he's actually been pretty awesome as a 30+ year old in AAA. In 2010, he put up a 4.53 K:BB in 78 innings; in 2011, the ratio was 9.00 in 60 innings. In July 2011, he was signed by a Korean team, and spent all of 2012 pitching with the Samsung Lions (and you think it's bad that American teams sell the naming rights to their stadiums...)

Go A's!