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Spring Training: Game 5

We continue Cactus League play today as your Oakland Athletics and Dan Straily take on the San Diego Padres in Phoenix. I'll be traveling there on Friday, so you get a live game thread then!

Rich Pilling

Note: For those of you who responded to the Yahoo fantasy baseball, there will be an email in your box today or tomorrow.

Good morning, and welcome to another beautiful day of A's Spring Training! I'm not in Phoenix quite yet, but I will be there for my game thread on Friday. This is my first game thread of the 2013 season, and I want to love it and squeeze it and call it George.

Let's see how Dan Straily looks on the mound today. He'll be backed by this lineup:


San Diego:

Lowrie is making his first start at third, and according to Susan Slusser:

Manager Bob Melvin decided to give Chris Young one more day off after feeling some cramping in his left quad on Sunday. He wanted Young to go through drills today to make sure he’s good to go. So tomorrow’s lineup isn’t up yet; he’ll wait to make sure all is well first.

So, details are done. See you back here for the recap!