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A's Video Highlights 1990-2012

We continue (conclude) our walk down memory lane of A's highlights through the years. There have been a lot. Here we highlight the highlights.

Because you can never have too much Rickey.
Because you can never have too much Rickey.
Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

As Grant Brisbee pointed out on Friday, has ever-so-slowly opened up its video vault to its adoring fans. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth, well, you be the judge. Here, for your viewing pleasure, is a history of the Oakland A’s. (For 1968-1989, click here).

McGwire Slams Sox, 1990

The best part of this video is, just look at those lovely bleachers. And they're full. On a weekday afternoon. In August. Smiley face.

Stew vs. Clemens, 1990 ALCS

Dave Stewart always got the best of Roger Clemens. Always. Now check out that Death Stare, and try not to call your Mommy.

(“That’s been on since about 4 o’clock this afternoon.” Classic.)

Clemens’ Ejection, 1990 ALCS Game 4

I couldn’t resist this one. Geez, Rocket. You kiss your trainer with that mouth?

Rickey is the Greatest, 1991

Bill King calling the action is even greater.

McGwire hits one off the Budweiser sign, 1997

This one made my tooth hurt.

Randy Velarde turns unassisted triple play 2000.

Considering the rarity of the feat, this might be one of the most boring baseball videos ever shown.

Jason Giambi Walks Off Against Mike Stanton, 2001

The A’s finished off a six game home sweep of Boston and New York in style, as the reigning American League MVP waited on his pitch and delivered the goods.

T-Long Robs Manny, 2002

For a good laugh, watch the security guard in the Sox pen. “Yeah! Oh."

The A’s Go Streaking, 2002

And I get carried away with the footage. Here are Games 18-20.

Chavez, What the What? 2003


{Rubs eyes.}

{Watches again.}

Come on, man.

The Walk-Off Bunt, 2003 ALDS Game 1

Just for you, Joe Morgan.

Frank Puts the Hurt on Minnesota, 2006 ALDS Game 1

I love how the more recent the footage, the less I have to say. I mean, everyone remembers this, right?

Braden is Perfect, 2010

There’s no crying in baseball! Yes. Yes, there is.

A’s Refuse to Die, 2012 ALDS Game 4

My thoughts on this one are here.