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The Athletics Nation Airing of Grievances

Celebrate Festivus with your fellow A's fans!

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It's that magical time of year again, Festivus! We here at Athletics Nation hope you're enjoying dinner and a nice night sitting around the pole.

We thought Festivus would be a great opportunity to air your grievances to the Oakland A's and baseball in general! Just be sure to keep things civil. These should be complaints geared towards the players and organization, not the fans and AN commenters. This should be a lighthearted affair.

To Bob Melvin: You managed a great team all year, but why in the world did you pitch Brett Anderson, with his ERA for the year above 6, instead of Jerry Blevins against Alex Avila in Game 4? Hell, why did Billy Beane even put him on the playoff roster?

To Dan Straily: Never grow a mustache again!

To Raul Ibanez: You, sir, are closer to AARP membership than you are to the minimum drinking age. Please stop hitting home runs!

To Jered Weaver: Why can't you pitch like a human being against us?

To Brendan Ryan: You are a terrible hitter, why do you hit against us?

To Matt Garza: You just suck in general. I hope you suffer mightily wherever you may sign.

Remember, Festivus doesn't end until Nico pins 67MARQUEZ in the Feats of Strength!