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Trade: Jemile Weeks for Jim Johnson

The A's Hot Stove has gone from 0 degrees to broil today

He'll obviously have to change uniform numbers
He'll obviously have to change uniform numbers
Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

Here is Ken Rosenthal again breaking A's news:

It was a foregone conclusion that Jemile Weeks' days in Oakland were over after his disastrous 2012 campaign and being relegated to pinch running duties in MLB since then.  The only question is who would be his suitor.  It turns out it is the Orioles' lucky day.

In Jim Johnson, the A's acquire a "proven closer" who may make as much as $10.8M in 2014, according to MLBTR.  It's a strange move for the A's, albeit a relatively risk-free one: Weeks had no place with the club in the future, and Johnson costs only money for this year.  He will be a free agent after 2014, and should he have a good enough season in Oakland, it's possible he could be given a qualifying offer that he would decline, netting the A's a draft pick in 2015.  While re-signing Balfour makes some sense, the A's likely did not want to tie themselves into multiple years and more money associated with that.

Update: the A's have announced the trade themselves:

Reactions?  Thoughts on the PTBNL?