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Community Prospect List #2

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Addison Russell blew everyone away, as we all know he would. Daniel Robertson makes the vote list.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The first round was not much of a surprise, with Addison Russell decimating all competition! Daniel Robertson joins the list for the voting, and we start again for #2!

The Format:

Five players will be on the ballot at a time. Pick the player you think is the best prospect among them. You can define best prospect however you like.

Eligibility for the prospect list is that the player must qualify as a rookie for 2014.

In the comments, vote for the prospect that you believe should make the voting list for the next round. To do this, Rec the comment with the name of the prospect that you want to be added. You can vote for multiple prospects, but please do not spam votes.

If you do not see the prospect you want voted up, then create a comment for that prospect.

The format for nomination is as such:

Nomination: First Name Last Name, Position

For example:

Nomination: Addison Russell, SS

There should only be one nomination post per prospect. In this case, the first nomination comment for each prospect will be used.

Voting will begin every Monday, and will end on Sunday.

We will be aiming for a top 20 list, but we may end up only going 15, or going farther, depending on interest and off-season trades.