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Me Type Pretty One Day

Random photos are fun.
Random photos are fun.
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Me a Cal a-tha-leet!

So I goed -- wait, I mean wented -- to Cal, where these days apparently 55% of the male athletes graduate -- I think that's almost half! How could it be so bad at such a such a good university?

Ooh I know, I know, call on me!!!!! Maybe it's that the range of SAT scores for incoming freshman at Cal is 590-720 in reading, 630-770 in math, and 620-750 in writing -- unless you're an athlete in which case the minimum score for each drops to 370.

370????????? You get 200 points just for putting your name. That means either Cal has been accepting athletes who don't know their own name, or it has been accepting athletes who pretty much cannot read, write, or compute anything but their name.

And yet the football team still sucks and apparently can only tackle each other!

How does a university -- how does MY alma mater -- put together a sports program of illiterates who can't even play sports? I'm embarrassed -- and I can spell "embarrassed," unlike my classmates who evidently can't even spell SAT.

Holy Toledo!

OK, having gotten that off my chest one programming note...I'm scheduled to meet up with "A's true MVP" Ken Korach next week to chat about his new book, "Holy Toledo!" and I hope to have an AN-exclusive interview ready by the end of the month. Among the many places you can read more about the book, and about Bill King, is here. (If you have never seen Bill's art work, you should check it out at that site. It's pretty stunning.)

I would really welcome any questions you would like me to include in my interview, as I'm not certain what questions fans might wish for me to ask or what topics they might hope for me to broach. So please do weigh in, as I expect to have some leisure time with Ken to discuss anything and everything.

So please feel free to weigh in on your thoughts around colleges requiring -- I know it's crazy -- 400s on the SAT, or on requested questions -- that is, requestions -- for Ken, or the hot stove, or fine wine...