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DLD 10/1/13

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October is here!

Major League Baseball recorded its sixth-highest attendance during the 2013 season.

It seems like Cleveland will keep using Justin Masterson out of the bullpen.

Ron Washington will return to the helm in Texas for the 2014 season.

There will be a meetup in San Francisco today featuring some of the best-known baseball writers on the internet. They'll be watching the NL Wild Card game at the Public House right near ATandT.

Marc Hulet reviews the Mariners' farm system, which the A's have seen and will see a lot of.

Bob Melvin and the team are feeling good as they enter the playoffs.

Susan Slusser looks at how the off-days will affect the A's.

On this day a year ago, before a raucous crowd at the Coliseum on an unseasonably warm October night, Jarrod Parker took the hill for the A's against Martin Perez of the Rangers. Sean Doolittle, Ryan Cook and Grant Balfour handled the final three innings and the A's clinched a playoff berth for the first time since 2006. In the postgame thread, BWH posted what is believed to be the most rec'd comment in Athletics Nation history. Brandon McCarthy celebrated, complete with helmet and drool cup.