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Athletics Nation Community Prospect List #10

Max Stassi makes it as we reach the half way point!


The List:

  1. Addison Russell, SS
  2. Dan Straily, SP
  3. Michael Choice, CF
  4. AJ Cole, SP
  5. Miles Head, 3B/1B
  6. Sonny Gray, SP
  7. Grant Green, IF
  8. Brad Peacock, SP
  9. Max Stassi, C

The Rules:

  • Vote for the candidate you like in the poll below. The winning vote getter at the end of the week will go up on the board, and a new slot will open up to take his place.
  • Each week, I will take the top rec'd commented nomination and put him on the list. That means that after the first 5 prospects are put up, it will be you, AN, who chooses who gets up on the board next. So do your research.
  • Each prospect coming up each week will have a bio to introduce him, written by some of AN's front page editorial crew! So look forward to that.
  • In the very likely case of a trade, incoming prospects will be put up to a vote for where they rank between current people on the list. Outgoing prospects will be crossed out, and everyone moved up.
  • If you want to check out Bio's of prospects on the list, check out the previous threads