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FanFest Today! (Sold Out - How Cool Is That?)

It should be a banner year.
It should be a banner year.
Christian Petersen

So Cindi's really mad that she "can't attend FestFan this year" but the reality is this: If you don't want to retake a Chemistry midterm, you simply have to score better than 8%. And if her Math skills were stronger, she would probably realize that she didn't "ace it". But she's not going, and suffice it to say: There are not hearts for the dot over either 'i' today, which has only happened 8 days in the last 100. And no, Cindi, that's not "like half the time!!!"

However, I am going to FanFest, where I hear Bob Melvin, David Forst, and Jarrod Parker are extremely excited that I'm part of the group participating in a "blogger interview session". Last year, it was Melvin who looked nostalgically at my cassette recorder (placed next to a bunch of pocket digital recorders and smart phones), and I think it was Cliff Pennington who looked at it like, "What the $%&# is that???" But I figure if Coco can wear his hair like it's the 70s, why can't I conduct interviews the same way? In fact, I plan to work the word "groovy" into a question if at all possible.

What questions do I have in mind? I'm actually interested in asking Parker to walk us through Tommy John surgery, from the immediate recovery to the long-and-twisting road of rehab and regaining confidence snapping off pitches. Perhaps I'll ask Forst if he is related to the great poet Robert Frost. And I've always wondered how Melvin feels about being named after a wedgie.

I doubt I'll be invited back.

As far as a conversation piece goes...As I'm getting into interview mode, I'm starting to ponder who I might try to catch at spring training this year (I'm there the very first week, March 1st-4th) and what I might ask about. I would welcome your input on who you would most like to hear from, and what you would most like to hear about. I try to avoid interviews and questions that have been done 1,000 times, so I'm always looking for interviews that are actually original and informative. I have a couple ideas, but would like to hear from y'all first and then I'll be back to join the conversation...after FanFest!

Addendum: On a somber note, some things are bigger than baseball.
Landon Powell and his wife Allyson lost their 5-month old twin girl Izzy this weekend, and on behalf of AN I want to send out condolences for a loss no one should have to endure. Best wishes to the Powells.